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Comparison of Three Devices to Measure Pressure for Acute Compartment Syndrome

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Oct 23rd 2020

COTS Study

COTS study

The onboarding for the COTS (Canadian Orthopaedic Trauma Society) cross Canada post-market study in Halifax was done at Dalhousie university on October 21st. The Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre received MY01 devices and has begun its study.

Feb 25th 2020

MY01 first in human test

When you really stand behind your product you don’t need to look too far for a volunteer to test it on. None other than our CEO Charles Allan was the volunteer for our first in-human test.

Feb 17th 2020

MD&M West 2020 Conference

George and Faisal were at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West 2020 conference meeting existing and potential suppliers. They were taking the opportunity to develop new supply chain additions for the manufacturing of MY01.

Feb 6th 2020

MY01 is present at Mcgill Techfair

MY01 was born from a research project at McGill and we keep recruiting talent from our Alma Mater.  For the second year in a row we had the opportunity to present our company at the McGill engineering department open house. We met several candidates for new interns.

Jan 21st 2020


MY01 was present at the Extremity War Injuries Society of Military Orthopedic Surgeons (EWI SOMOS) conference in Washington DC. We were selected to present two posters titled “Comparison of devices for acute compartment syndrome under real world conditions” and “Validation of a human model of compartment syndrome”

Nov 20th 2019

MY01 is presented at the CHUM

Our CFO, Simon Sanscartier, giving a presentation on MY01 at the  InnovAction conference at the CHUM, a three day event focused around healthcare and value-based innovation in the Quebec biotechnology sphere.

Oct 22nd 2019

DKOU 2019

Our CMO was one of the two invited keynote speakers from the COTS (Canadian orthopaedic trauma society) group that delivered talks. Also, our booth at the German congress of orthopaedics and traumatology in Berlin was a great success as we got to further the build of a pipeline with reputable German champion surgeons. These new contacts will be the starting point for our clinical trials in Europe.

Sep 25th 2019

OTA 2019

We had our first OTA corporate sponsor experience. We were able to meet a large new group of interested clinicians at our first OTA meeting. We were pleasantly surprised when the MY01 device was prominently mentioned in the compartment syndrome symposium.   

Aug 21st 2019

MHSRS 2019

Charles and Ed presented a poster at the largest American Military conference of the year in Orlando, FL.  The MHSRS is an annual four-day educational symposium that draws approximately 2,900 attendees. We had the opportunity to discuss the advances of the MY01 device and the science behind it.

Aug 15th 2019

Visit to California

With the help of @MEDTEQ_CA our team (Anthony Sirgi and Faisal Al-Kabariti) went down to California. They visited current and potential new suppliers, evaluated their capabilities to meet product specs, and shared with them our Regulatory plan and expectations.

Jun 27th 2019

My01 meets the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon

Thanks to our partnership with C2Mi we had the opportunity to introduce Mr. Fitzgibbon to the MY01 device, we talked about our growth as a company in the biotechnology ecosystem in Montreal and in Quebec. Mr. Fitzgibbon was eager to know more about the technology and to see how the company grows.

Jun 10th 2019

MY01 is awarded a prize for exemplary integration of its immigrant workforce

Most of our employees are first generation immigrants. They are all newly graduated in science or engineering from McGill University.  Some time ago, some of them expressed their interest in joining the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec. French being a requirement to join the OIQ, french classes have been implemented in the office.

Link to the video can be found here

May 23rd 2019

McGill Clinical Innovation Competition Finals

This year MY01 made it to the finals of the McGill Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC). The CLIC competition was started in 2017 at McGill in order to recognize McGill Faculty members, including learners and graduates, who conceive and develop novel innovations that aim to improve healthcare and outcomes. Cooper delivered a Ted talk-style presentation in front a panel of judges comprised of leaders in clinical care, academia, industry, engineering and business.

May 17th 2019


MY01 is presented at the GETRAUM (Groupe d’Etude en TRAUMatologie; the Trauma Research Group) conference in Strasbourg, France. Many prominent orthopaedic surgeons were present and were eager to try the MY01 device. We got the chance to discuss with a number of members of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology (EFORT), the largest consortium of orthopedic and traumatology in Europe.

April 10th 2019

MY01 is presented at Medtech Strategist in Dublin

Simon flew to Dublin and got the chance to present at the Medtech Strategist event in Dublin. The event is recognized to be one of the leading medical technology investment forums in Europe. The presentation piqued the interest of doctors, investors and distributors who are referring to our device as “the next big thing” in the ortho/trauma fields.

March 28th 2019

MY01 took the MTEC annual symposium by storm

Simon and Cooper flew down to Charleston, S.C. for the fourth Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC)  symposium. The most prominent figures in American military medicine were present. MY01 delivered presentations both during a formal military pitch event and poster session. This opportunity positions MY01 to leverage further U.S. military funding opportunities.

March 28th 2019

MY01 gets a feature in La Voix de l’Est

Nxtsens and MY01 get a feature in the Quebec journal “La Voix de l’Est”. The journal focuses mostly on the regional development of Quebec and took a great interest in our technology, as well as in our involvement with C2Mi, a Bromont-based manufacturing facility. The full article can be found here.

Feb 24th 2019

Nxtsens presents MY01 in front of the Premier of Quebec

MY01 was presented to Quebec’s Prime Minister, Francois Legault, who announced a $26M grant to our partner C2Mi. In collaboration with C2MI, our joint team developed the most critical part of MY01 – its biocompatible micro-sensor and we are slated to receive $500k of that grant to subsidize the development of MY01 and its early production at C2Mi.

Link to the article can be found here.

Jan 22nd 2019

MY01 presented at the EWI SOMOS Conference in Washington DC.

The government shutdown might have affected politicians and the FDA, but it didn’t slow the excitement of surgeons for MY01. Ed and Charles went down to Washington to present our device and the data the team gathered at the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons Extremity War Injuries Conference (SOMOS EWI). Presenting our research at the poster session, we drew the attention of many surgeons and further confirmed their excitement for the availability of MY01 as a tool for ACS diagnosis. We also participated in the think tank on current concepts in acute compartment syndrome. We were able to communicate with physician decision makers for future market development and the ongoing funding of ACS research


Jan 9th 2019

Intuitive process allowed surgeons to use MY01 within minutes – Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal

Anticipating the Montreal study kick-off; Abdel, Cooper, and Dr. Harvey traveled across the island to meet the trauma team at Sacré-Coeur. We introduced the study goals, walked the surgeons, residents and researchers though the application and onboarding process, and had the opportunity to demonstrate the device functionality on a simulated fracture wound. The feedback and interest we received was overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Harvey commented on the noticeable physician excitement.

Nov 30th 2018

ODT Journal Feature

MY01 was recently featured in Orthopaedic Design and Technology Magazine. Dr. Harvey delivered some remarks on our competitive edge, and why early diagnosis of ACS is critical in driving better patient outcomes, and lowering the total cost of care. The full article can be found here

Sept 26th 2018

MY01 Wins at the Medtech Conference in Philadelphia

Simon and Charles traveled to Philadelphia to introduce MY01 to potential strategic companies and investors. Winning the best video award was a great PR opportunity at the event! M. Paul L’Archevesque, director of innovation at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, was happy we won an award.

Oct 19th 2018

MY01 at the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) Annual Meeting

Even without a booth, we made a splash at the 2018 OTA Annual Meeting. Ed presented MY01 in front of the Canadian Orthopaedic Trauma Society (COTS). The final details of the Canadian study were reviewed by Dr. Ross Leighton (president of COTS) and there was unanimous interest in participating in clinical trials. The hands-on session with the device was well received. We also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Schmidt, a world expert in compartment syndrome research, who will be including our device in the next two Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC) study proposals. We met with surgeons from around the world who showed interest in purchasing our device.

Oct 12th 2018

MY01 Presented at the International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Conference(SICOT)

Dr. Harvey participated in several panels speaking on Acute Compartment Syndrome at SICOT. The consensus was clear that a better diagnostic tool for ACS was necessary to improve patient outcomes. From there, Dr. Harvey presented the most recent data from MY01 after which Dr. Schatzker (globally regarded in Trauma Care) mentioned the importance of this work! Meanwhile, our CFO, Simon was busy making European connections at SICOT’s closing dinner in Montreal.

Dec 5th 2017

Node Health Conference

NODE health digital medicine conference in NYC aims to further the digital medicine validation process by bringing structure, scalability and reliability to it.

Spring & Summer 2016

Dobson Cup & X-1

Before we were known as MY01, we were Nxtsens. Our parent company was awarded second place in the health science track at the McGill flagship startup competition – the Dobson cup. The follow up to this achievement was our invitation to participate in the X-1 program during the summer of 2016. X-1 is the first Montreal-based accelerator and that experience allowed us to map out the corporate strategy for MY01.

March 30th 2015

Incorporate Company

What started off as a Master’s project at McGill University became an official startup as our founders: Charles, Ed and George, officially registered Nxtsens Microsystems as a corporate entity. The intellectual property that would allow us to launch MY01 was part of this parent company.